Metro Nova Creative only exists because we have the best team of graphic designers, creatives, and builders from all over the place. Think of us as your own personal Dream Team. We all run a small business, or have been involved with a small business and so we know what it takes to grow one.
Let's get to know the people you'll be working with!

Dan Craddock, Founder, Creative Director, Burrito Tester

Dan started designing in the early 2000's, creating posters and t-shirts for local bands and artists. He spent the majority of his early career in print and production work. Now, he loves helping small businesses grow to their fullest potential.

Favorite work - Logo Design and Brand Strategy
Home base - Fredericksburg, VA

Sean Piper, UI/UX Designer, Internet Messiah, Nerd Ambassador to Mars

Sean has been figuring out how things work since he was a kid. It's often said (by Dan) that his drive to figure out a technical problem is concerning sometimes. The rest of our team makes your website look nice, Sean makes it work to perfection.

Favorite work - SEO strategy and Modern Design
Home base - Waco, TX

Neal Hobson: Social Media Strategy, Content Creator, Resident Good Guy

Neal likes to know stuff. About technology, languages, cultures, even gardening. He’d call himself a geek, and he’s ok with that. He's a research junkie and loves sharing that information. Which is why he enjoys social media so much.

Favorite work - Research, Content Strategy
Home base - Woodbridge, VA

Riley Dog, Human Resources, Borkology Development, Dog

Riley Dog has been with Metro Nova Creative from the very beginning. Her unrelenting dedication to work-life improvement is an inspiration to us all.

Favorite work - Naps and pets
Home base - Fredericksburg, VA